The DOG REPUBLIK project is designed for people with all levels of cryptocurrency experience and knowledge.

If you are new to crypto, then the following sentence may not make too much sense, but dont worry, we have you covered with a step by step guide on how to buy $DOGR.


$DOGR is a BSC (Binance Smart Chain) project and it is tradable on PancakeSwap. The Trading Pair is BNB(smartchain) and DOGR.

Smart Contract Number


Download Cryptocurrency Wallet - TrustWallet

In order to buy and hold you will need a cryptocurrency wallet. There are various wallets around, however for the purpose of this tutorial we will use TrustWallet for an iPhone mobile device.

Download TrustWallet from

Create MultiCoin Wallet - TrustWallet

Once you have downloaded TrustWallet, upon launching/opening the TrustWallet App for the first time, you will be prompted to create a MultiCoin Wallet.

Follow the steps from the official TrustWallet Community page. Please NOTE: at a stage in the setup process you will be asked to record a 12 word SEED phrase - write this down and keep it in a safe place - DO NOT EVER SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE. And, we will NEVER ask you for this.

Support link:

Making the DOGREPUBLIK token visible in your wallet - TrustWallet

Great, you now have a Cryptocurrency Wallet (TrustWallet). But you can only see the 4 tokens/coins? In order to see the DOGREPUBLIK token you will need to add our token information to your wallet. Doing so is easy ;)

For Step 3.5 you will need the DOGR smart contract number:


(Click on image arrows to move to next step)

STEP 3.1
STEP 3.1

Click on the two lines/dots at the top right

press to zoom
STEP 3.2
STEP 3.2

Search DOGR then click Add Custom Token

press to zoom
STEP 3.5
STEP 3.5

Enter the DOGR smart contract number - check populated fields and save

press to zoom
STEP 3.1
STEP 3.1

Click on the two lines/dots at the top right

press to zoom

BUY BNB(smart chain) Tokens with $ - TrustWallet

As mentioned, the only DOGR trading pair that exists is with BNB (Smart Chain). So you are required to have BNB (Smart Chain) tokens in order to buy DOGR tokens.

The easiest way to do this is to simply BUY some BNB Smart Chain Tokens through the Trust Wallet App.

To do this follow these steps as outlines by the official TrustWallet Community Page:

Connecting your TrustWallet to PancakeSwap

So, you now have BNB (Smart Chain) tokens in your wallet and you are ready to buy some DOGR tokens. As mentioned, DOGR tokens are only available on PancakeSwap - which is a decentralised exchange where you have the ability to "SWAP" your BNB tokens for DOGR tokens.

Follow these steps:

5.1 Click on the PancakeSwap Image below


5.2 Then connect your wallet by following the instructions from the below link of the Official TrustWallet Community:

(ignore step 1 - as the clicking of the above image did this for us + it brought up the trading BNB and DOGR trading pair)

Please note


The trading pairs in the above link tutorial is for TWT and CAKE.

Please ensure your trading pair is for BNB and DOGR

(this should automatically populate when you click on the PancakeSwap image above - just hit approve when a pop-up screen appears)


Please note


You have to change your "Slippage" to 12% otherwise you will receive the following error message:


To change your slippage to 12% follow these instructions


Welcome to the PACK

You have now successfully bought your $DOGR tokens and the are visible in your TrustWallet.


Welcome to the PACK - and get ready to make history with us.


The price of the $DOGR token will display once the CoinMarketCap application has been processed


The Icon of the $DOGR token will be displayed once we have 10,000 holders as per TrustWallet Requirements