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"The Dog Republik project is barking mad to say the least. First, we are buying a REAL island in the Bahamas. Then, the Pack/Community will create their ultimate "new billionaires" paradise that they can go and enjoy in real life, once it is completed. To keep things exciting and transparent, live streaming cameras will be installed all over the island so that you can follow the construction and development of the island in real time. Don't worry, the journey to get to the finished project will be just as exciting and transparent. Every single aspect of the project has been created to boost confidence, trust and value for the $DOGR holders. We also have a 3 year $5 billion market cap target in place.


The most exciting part of it all is how extremely attainable the Dog Republik project really is. Don't believe us? Crunch the numbers, I guarantee that you will be very surprised!

Cheers - see you in paradise!" Johan Demeyer

We have doxxed and KYC'd our team with the PinkSale Launch Platform through Verrif. Official National Identification Documents have been provided and verified. This makes us responsible and accountable for any fraudulent or deceptive activities that could arise from the Dog Republik project or the $DOGR token.

We WILL deliver Dog Republik

Johan D.



With 8+ years experience in senior roles for top companies like Nutrien, Amazon and Wesfarmers, I have delivered many successful projects.


My role is to execute the vision of the Dog Republik Project. Taking your crazy, imaginative and luxurious ideas and designs, we'll go all out to make your dreams a reality.

Communication, Transparency, Real Value, Confidence and The Dog Republik is the minimum that we will deliver.


See you in paradise :)


Cheers J.D

Adam T.



With 15+ years experience in Construction Management and Small Business Ownership I will assist with keeping the Dog Republik Island moving forward at a pace that is expected by our community.


I am here to assist in making our Dog Republik paradise a reality. I am tasked with finding the best in the relevant industry and ensuring the facilities are delivered at the quality and statement level expected by our community.


This journey is going to be exceptional and I look forward to delivering our statement.

Regards A.T

Nelly B.



As a business owner in the fashion and beauty industry for 15+ years, I know a few things about branding and marketing extravagant an extravagant and luxurious lifestyle.


My first role is to ensure that I build and uphold your trust in the Dog Republik. Through clear and concise communication, I will keep you updated of the project's progress.

My second role is to continue, with your help, building the Dog Republik community and brand.

Working with you is going to be fun! 


Dave S.



I have more than 10 years experience as a senior blockchain and software developer. I have worked with and for numerous well known companies in the banking, telecommunications and energy sectors.

The Dog Republik project is by far the most exciting project I have been involved with. It ticks all the boxes in terms of community, security, value generation and excitement. It's great, and I am glad to be part of the team.

I am also  looking forward to the next steps where we will deliver our NFT's and the Dog Republik metaverse.

Cheers D.S

The Dog Republik project is designed to give you maximum confidence. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to asap.

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